This is a great mobility flow for tight hips, it's great to perform for those who sit all day or individuals like myself who do a lot of strength training. My hips have always been tight from years of playing soccer combined with training and not enough stretching. This mobility flow done as a warm up, or combined with other flows has really been helpful for me. Believe it or not this is my mobility now that it's improved, it still has a long way to go though!
Video at the bottom!
1. Hinge forward from hips
2. Walk out into high plank position
 3. Slowly lower down to floor
4. Bring upper body off ground, keep feet in contact with ground
5. Downward dog
 6. Kick one leg into air
7. Place it down beside hand, hip stretch
8. Bring other leg to other side, come into deep squat (or as deep as you can go)