This year, when I rewrote out my goals I put them into the following categories: Mental health, financial, blog goals, fitness goals, and work goals. There are so many different aspects of my life that I am currently working on, it really helps to categorize and work on certain things at certain times. 
For me some really important health/fitness goals I've focused in on so far are: 

1. Self Care.
Really prioritizing this, setting aside time everyday to do a little check in and see where I'm at. If I'm feeling energized, all is good, if I'm verging on burn out actions need to be taken. Making sure I'm getting enough sleep and down time is huge on the self care end. Booking a trip somewhere warm has been huge but self care doesn't have to be huge. Taking some quiet time alone to read, relax, reset is a great way to practice self care.
2. Working on Mobility.
My shoulder and neck have been a mess since getting rear ended and while I was making progress on it, I've had a set back (thanks soccer!) So I'm really hoping to make some changes to my warm up and spend some sessions on mobility to fix this.
3. Box more.
It's fun, it's hard and it makes me feel like a badass. I love my kickboxing training and want to get even better!
4. Stay Hydrated.

 It looks like I'm going to be doing a lot of physical activity so best to stay hydrated, good thing I got the most adorable water bottle for christmas from a client!

Here is a cheat sheet from hims to help you stay a little healthier and reach your goals in 2018!