I love that this post of our Jasper "winter" hikes have 1) no snow 2) are basically just pictures of the dog. What can I say, he's just the most photogenic of the group of us. Also Darcy hates having his photos taken. 
In Jasper we did one of the in town trails, the Jasper Discovery trail which was pretty easy and lovely. I was feeling unwell all weekend with a wicked cold that left me coughing so our usual go-to of 5 hour hikes with elevation were a no-go. The discovery trail took us about 2 1/5 hours and was a nice walk. We also did Valley of the Five Lakes, which had a few more inclines and came in at about 2 hours. The lakes are gorgeous, the trails were really easy and well maintained. We didn't even wear hiking boots for either as the weather was so darn mild!
We'll have to head back later this winter and do some of the other trails we have our eyes set on. It's just so nice to get away from the city, turn the cell phone off and relax.