Poor posture is a big problem most of us didn't know we had. Hours spend in front of the computer, behind the wheel, or with your head down staring into the depths of your phone. This makes our chest muscles tighten up, along with the muscles in the front of our neck. When that happens we can't stand up straight, it becomes impossible to have a full range of motion, which often leads to injuries in the shoulder.
Here are some releases/stretches and exercises you can do at home, all you'll need: Trigger point ball, broom stick, rolled up towel.

Trigger Point:
1. Pectoralis Major/Minor
2. SCM (attachment points along the side of your neck)
3. Upper Traps
Roll ball until you find a point that hurts and hold it down for approximately 1 minute

Pec stretch, lay on your side and rotate open chest and hold for 30s
Roll up towel and place along spine, let the chest open up for 60s, try to breath into your stomach
Laying on the towel, use the broom handle to stretch overhead and keep your ribs tucked down

Strengthen: Strengthen the back muscles will help straighten up your posture
1. Mid trap engagement: Arms straight out to the side, thumbs towards the ceiling squeeze the midback, keep the head down (we don't want to be strengthening the back of the neck)
2. Overhead mid back squeeze: arms straight up overhead holding stick, keep traps relaxed and squeeze midback to bring chest up. Again, keep head down and neck relaxed.