1. Single Leg Lateral Hops  10per leg
Try to stabilize the core and then sink down into the standing leg, press up and jump. Keep a soft landing, ensuring that your knee does not fall in. 
2. Squat jumps 15x
Sink down into hips, jump up onto next stair, stabilize the core. 
3. Farmer Carry Weighted plate 1/2 set per side
Keep core tight and chest upright, ensure your traps don't creep up, keep your shoulder blades pinched together. 
4. Walking Lunge with a twist 10per side 
Sink into legs, ensure your core is tight press plate out to the side. Alternate legs as you go. 

5. Around the worlds 10per direction
Hold plate in front of chest, feet shoulder distance, core is tight bring the plate up and around head. 

6. Curl to press with plate 15x
Hold plate in front with both hands curl towards face, and press up overhead ensuring the 
7. Walking Lunges 1 set stairs
Squeeze your butt as you go! Keep the knees from falling in and body upright