In comparison to last year, this summer has been super warm. I can't complain about that when we spend a good 6-7 months in the damn deep freeze. The heat has me wanting to wear as little as possible....while not being arrested for public indecency. This dress caught my eye because of the print, I am such a sucker for a good print. Palm print may have been the hot print of 2017, but this cactus print is going to be alllll the rage. 
This dress is super lightweight and comfy with it's loose fit, perfect for those hot and humid days. It makes me feel put together without putting too much effort into it. I have it hanging on my wall right now because seeing these multi coloured cacti really makes me smile. And isn't that the whole point of fashion, to make you happy and feel good? 

Outfit: Dress-Sublime, Purse-Calvin Klein, Ring-Vintage, Shoes-Winners, Necklace-Bamboo Ballroom