Today is a very special Mr. Duke Donovan turns 6 years old! Apparently in dog years that means he's entering middle age, but my guy is still quite energetic and happy, just has a lot more white in his face now. I have had Duke since he was 10 weeks old, and he quickly became my best friend. 
We have a very special bond, mostly because when I got Duke I was recovering from open heart surgery. He became my BFF, my walking buddy, the motivation to get fitter, as he grew I got back into my routine. He actually forced me to be more social especially when I wasn't feeling like interacting with others. I had 6 major surgeries within' 14 months and he was an incredibly big part of my emotional recovery. Having this dog has taught me more patience, he's a huge responsibility and is my number one priority and in return he gives me so much affection and really chills me out on crappy days.
Duke and I do everything together, we run stairs, go to the park, grab coffee, he even sometimes helps me train clients at work. Dogs really are man's best friend and when asked me to talk about my guy I was more than happy! If you want a furry friend of your own check out the puppies for sale on their site. Duke's not just a french bulldog, he's mixed with a boston terrier, so while his energy level is moderate he definitely needs a lot more exercise. He's usually walking 1-3 hours a day, he loves the dog park and sprinting after his ball, then napping for hours after.