Circuit training is so much fun and a great way to get your sweat on. It gets your heart rate up and involves little rest between movements to keep that heart rate elevated. This is a fun circuit I've given some of my clients, since the reps are high we keep it to lower weights or body weight. 

1. Rotational Ball tosses 15 reps per side. Feet are shoulder distance apart, hold ball in hands rotate torso towards the wall throw the ball towards wall in an explosive manner. Catch ball rotate away and come back. Should be an explosive, fast movement, takes some getting used to with the pattern, keep core tight and head up. 
2. Ball slams 15 reps. Bring ball overhead slam it down as hard as you can keeping torso upright and core tight. Squat down to retrieve it keeping proper squat form (feet shoulder distance, head and chest up) 
3. Row with sled 15 reps. Feet shoulder distance apart keep knees slightly bent, pull sled towards you keep elbows in and shoulder relaxed. Take a step back and repeat. 
4. Split Stance Jump squat 10 reps per
Start in a staggered stance, bend into both legs explode in the air landing soft ensuring the knees aren't buckling inwards or outwards. Repeat. 
5. Squat to press 20 total. Sink into your hips squeeze your bum to come to standing and press weight up, bring it down in both hands to one shoulder, sink down and press up to opposite side.