Outfit: Sweater dress-Winners, Scarf-Garage, Shoes-Spring, Ring-Miss Boss

I feel I've been going very neutral in my wardrobe lately and am being pulled to all the same shades of dark green, black and some beige. It's very unlike me not to have a bit of a pop of colour. But I must say I am digging it. It's nice when your whole wardrobe goes together and flows. Although when it ends up on your bedroom floor (as it eventually always does #truth) it can be hard to find a  certain piece. 
I am sure I will be all over brights for spring and summer as I always am, but for now I will wallow in my muted tones. If dressing reflects your mood it would appear I am moody. In the middle of January, yes I am feeling that way. I am finding myself super drawn to staying in and cuddling on the couch and catching up on sleep these days. PARTY ANIMAL right here. So let me pile on the blanket scarves and get cozy, I'll be done hibernating come March.