Outfit: Sweater-Simons, Top-Zara, Necklace-Saraswati designs, Choker-American Apparel, Jeans/Shoes-Zara, Ring-Vintage/Noul, Purse-Rebecca Minkoff 

This sweater is my favorite winter piece, it's all I want to put on at the end of the day and curl up. It's cozy AF, and the colour is perfect. I have the tendency to lean into dark neutrals in the winter months so it's nice to have something brighter to grab. This colour always manages to cheer me up. And I like pairing this big grandma knit kind of sweather with something lacy, or sheer. It helps balance up everything out so it isn't completely grandma like.
 Speaking of being elderly like, Darcy actually said to me this weekend "I love your grandma sweater, and that you're like a grandma" Now he meant this as a compliment, because neither of us are hard partiers and we were in bed by 1130 on a Saturday. That might sound boring to a lot of you, but it's really the beeeest. So I guess I should buy like 10 more sweaters like this because it's official, I am elderly.