Outfit: Jeans-Zara, Booties-Spring, Top-F21, Jacket-Dynamite, Necklaces-Saraswati designs, Eliza and Ella, Sunnies-Ray Ban

I can`t believe I used to not wear pants. Let me clarify, I used to be very anti pants, a total dress and skirt kind of girl, pants were the devil. While I still do love the freedom and flow of a good skirt or dress, there is something equally as comforting as a good pair of jeans. These ones are super stretchy and always comfortable, even moreso then some leggings. They may be distressed looking but make me feel super put together at the same time. 
Also, is their anything more lovely thank a silky top. The most comfortable ever, and the flowy fit is great with a more structured jacket. This is definitely a go-to type of combination for me when I want to feel put together but still casual. Almost a sort of uniform I suppose, I love having pieces that interchange very easily. I feel like I`m always in a rush so the easier to dress, the better. 
Happy Wednesday! xo Jenna