Spicy basil beef is one of my favourite comfort foods, it's spicy, delicious and healthy! At least it's healthy when it's homemade, I've made several recipes and this seems to be the one I always come back to. Probably because it's the quickest and you can change the flavors depending on the veggies or whether you have it with rice or noodle. 

1 package fresh basil 
2 whole peppers
1/2 an onion
1/2 lb beef 
3 cloves garlic
2 T hoisin sauce 
Chili flakes to taste, I like mine spicy so I did 3 T

Optional Veg: Mushrooms, shredded carrots. I usually add these in, but I was clearing out what I had left

1. Add 1 T olive oil to pan, mix in crushed garlic cloves once they've become fragrant add in chili peppers, hoisin sauce. 
2. Add in sliced peppers, onions, once they start to soften add in beef strips
3. Cover, when almost cooked add in basil
4. Serve on brown rice or rice noodles