This past weekend was Canadian Thanksgiving and if yours was anything like mine, you need a good workout. So grab a couple Kettle Bells and perform the following circuit 4-5x to work the whole body and get back to moving after that Turkey Coma

1. Kettle Bell Swing 12x
Ensure feet shoulder distance apart, bring KB between legs hinging the body, engage the glutes and press hips forward. Be sore to not overextend your back, you should be back into a standing position and be able to swing back down into starting position using just glutes and legs. 
2. KB Reverse Lunge 12x per side
Have KB balanced on outside of wrist, in the hand of the leg you will be stepping back with. Step back and then come back up to standing position. 
3. Balance KB Row 12x per side
Put all the weight into one leg, extend other leg back, ensure hips are kept level and retract scapula back staying balanced. 
4. KB 1 arm extended side bend 12x per side
Kneeling with left knee on ground, extend right hand overhead with KB. Keep this arm straight as you bend into left side pushing hip out and then contracting back to straight. You should feel this in the extended arm as well as the obliques, 
5. Side lunge to balance press 12x per side
Have KB in hand opposite of the side you`re lunging too. Step out to side, bring KB towards to the lunged leg, push off the leg to come back to center, balance on 1 leg and press KB overhead. Ensure core is tight while pressing overhead. 
6. Sumo Squat jumps 12x 
Have feet wider than shoulder distance, head up, chest up, bum low. Grab KB with both hands and push throw the legs until you are jumping.