I have always been in awe of the physical prowess of boxers, how quick they are, how powerful and just how in control they can be. Starting kickboxing lessons about a year ago has been such a good experience for me. Not only do I feel like my stamina in other areas (soccer) has increased because of it, my burst power and strength has increased as well. Boxing workouts are without a doubt the most physically and mentally exhausting. Learning a new combo, performing it over and over again, and trying to use all your strength and power each time. This high intensity kind of workout is mentally stimulating and a great way to burn fat and tone every part of your body. 
I have never been particularly graceful nor do I have a lot of natural rhythm so if I can learn this anyone can. Fun fact: growing up I wasn't naturally athletic it was only after I started playing soccer at 14 years old I even got into fitness at all. At that point I was hooked but I am not what you'd call naturally gifted. My background being in soccer has helped me learn the kicks and high knees a lot easier than most, which always makes me feel like a badass warrior queen. Anything that makes you feel that good is amazing for you! 

There are so many different kinds of classes, so it's important to look for your fit. I prefer Muy Thai because my legs are where my strengths at. No matter where you are a quick google search will show you a couple places to train.