Stretching is an important part of any cool down routine post exercise; and while it's important many of us (myself at times included) forget to do it! This is a great way to bring your heart rate back to normal, lengthen muscles after they've been used & it just feels great. I put together a quick stretching routine that can be done in about 10 minutes absolutely anywhere and is great for after a run. 

1. Chest and Upper Trap stretch. Bring hands behind back clasp hands together if available, stretch arms down and back. Should feel this in the front of your chest and upper shoulders, hold for 20-30second can repeat 1-2x
2. Tricep Stretch. Bring one arm up and place behind head, can use other arm to press down, hold 20-30s for 1-2x

3. Quadricep Stretch. Can use a support as pictured if needed, or not to challenge balance. Clasp onto foot and pull your foot towards your bum, should feel it in the front of your leg. Hold 20-30s for 1-2x

4.Standing Hamstring stretch. In a split position, straighten out front leg and bring your torso over this leg, if you can place your hands on the ground do so. Feel free to use your thigh or shin to support yourself here, should feel it in the back of your front leg. Hold 20-30s 1-2x

5. Forward Fold, back and hamstring stretch. Feet should be wider than shoulder width, hinge from hips to reach as far forward as you can without pain, but you should feel the stretch in the hamstrings and low back. Some may be unable to reach the ground while others may be able to place hands flat on ground. Hold for 20-30s 1-2x

6. Side Body stretch. Feet shoulder distance apart, place one hand on hip and bend to that side while bringing the other arm up and over to the opposite side. Should feel this all the way through that extended side. Hold 20-30s 1-2x

7. Groin and Hamstring stretch. Bring leg up as high as it will go, keep straight but do not lock the knee out. Should feel this in the inside of the leg, you may feel it in the back of the leg as well. Hold 20-30s 1-2x
8. Warrior Pose, hip flexor and chest opener. Feet far from one another in a split position, come down into a lunge by bending into the front leg, try to keep the back leg straight. You should feel this in the front of the back leg. Bring arms up and over head with a slight backbend. Hold 20-30s 1-2x