Outfit: Top&Coat-Zara, Jeans-Old Navy, Shoes-Ardene, Purse-Old?, Necklace-Meadows gifts, Ring-Vintage
This past spring I realized I had a gap in my wardrobe for seasonal outer wear. I had the classic denim jacket, a blazer, but nothing dressier and everything was super neutral. I began my search for the perfect coat and scoured the internet (but mostly blogs and zaras website) until I spotted this beauty. The colour caught my eye, because how could it not? Also I was drawn to the oversized fit of it; majority of my pieces are all fitted, so I knew it was like nothing I had. 
I thought about it, and thought about it. I am making a conscious effort on only adding pieces to my wardrobe I'll really wear and get a lot of use from. I decided it was worth the investment and then was quickly corrected that in order for something to be an investment you have to make money off it. Whatever, it's return value is compliments and the fact that when I put it on my mood is instantly lifted. It pairs so well with neutrals, and I am so obsessed with how it looks with mint that I found a blue wall to match. 
xo Jenna