There are some things that are just better with friends & that definitely extends to working out. Especially stairs! I honestly don't think I would ever run stairs if it weren't for my fitness minded amazing friends. It's really awesome to have friends who are just as passionate about getting fit and being healthy as I am so we can be social, catch up & get our workout in. We're good about pushing each other and after each set of stairs saying "just one more" until we're out of breath and ready to take a nap. Andrea is another personal trainer in Edmonton and is an amazing person and trainer. 

Challenge: Find a set of stairs to meet at, here are a couple good sets in Edmonton. We used the glenora ones, set a timer for 30 minutes and see how many sets you can run. Up & down count as 1! 

Don't forget to stretch it out afterwards, Andrea & I demonstrate some easy partner stretches. First one for the groin, make sure your feet line up grab wrists in the middle, one will pull the other forward until they feel the pull and hold 30s.  
The second is the assisted hamstring stretch, support friends leg with your body, ensure they keep their knee straight and push forward until they say it's good enough. Hold 30s