Gaining strength in the overhead position, start with adding the first 3 exercises to your strength program for a few weeks. Once these have been mastered, move on to the more challenging exercises as long you can perform them painfree. 

 1. Overhead Raises: 

Light weight, start with hands by your side raise overhead while keeping your shoulders down and squeeze your midback

 2. Kneeling Press

One knee down, hold bar by shoulder and press straight up keep the core tight and glutes squeezed.

3. Seated single arm press 

Sit down, back flat against chair. Hold weight by shoulder and press straight up keeping the core tight. 

4. Walking hold 

One dumbbell in one hand, hold a KB in the other hand, keeping the shoulders level and shoulders tight.

5. Press from standing

Split stance position, press overhead one arm at a time.

 6. Standing overhead press 

Can use dumbbells or a barbell, feet shoulder ditance, core tight and press overhead ensuring the lower back doesn't round.