Every year we make our way through BC to go hang out with Darcy's family in Merritt, on our way we have to stop in the mountains to do a hike. Not only is it a great way to break up the long drive but the mountains are so beautiful! How could one drive through them!

This hike is up past the skytram in Jasper, so you could pay some money and take the tram up then hike about 2km to the very top. OR you could use your legs and hike all the way up! This is what we decided to do, because we're cheap, we like exercise and our legs work. 
Distance: Total 15.6 km, (out and back trail)
Elevation Gain: about 1200m
Time: Took us about 5 hours, stopping to eat a bit, take photos etc. 
Difficulty: Moderate to hard, there were some really steep spots, and my legs were toasted afterwards. So sore the next day, which is always the sign of a good hike, yes?

 We're so lucky to live so close to the mountains and get to explore all the time! I love this place!