I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my clothes as of late. I know what you’re thinking, what else is new lady, you run a “fashion, fitness and food” blog, it’s in the name!! So more specifically I’ve been thinking of where my clothes are made, who makes my clothes, how sustainable are they, how much money am I throwing away on new items each season, how often am I shopping. See, I’ve been thinking about my clothing A LOT lately. I find myself looking through my heavy closet and deeming “I have nothing to wear” when in reality I having nothing new to wear. I, like many others find myself falling into the trap of wanting something new, something trendy, something I just saw on Instagram...

I have to say as someone who thinks about health a lot of the time, I can’t see how this frame of mind is healthy. Seeing how and where some of these pieces are made really opens up how unhealthy our obsession with consumerism really is. I read a book a few months back, a work of fiction, about a girl in a forced labour camp making cheap clothes for American. Walking into a mall has given me a feeling of claustrophobia since. But I still have walked into those malls, why? Because of an insane urge to buy something, to feel put together, to look good, to have something new to post. That’s made me feel pretty gross. So here I am going first off on a 2-month shopping ban, and from there reassessing my spending habits.

On my recent New York trip nearly 100% of the items I bought were second hand, consignment or vintage pieces and I actually feel really good about that. This is where I’m at going forward, I am going to spend the next few months getting to know my closet, stretching my creativity to make what I already own work and from there only adding vintage, consignment or ethically made pieces into the mix. Not saying I’m going to be perfect, I like any addict will fall, I will keep on trying though. I hope you’re all there to follow my journey.

Outfit: Skirt-Second Hand (Beacon's closet), Shoes-Winners, Purse-F21, Bodysuit-Thrift, Jacket-F21 (2 years old) Sunnies-Bamboo Ballroom