Well it's not very nice out anymore but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the great outdoors and make your own warmth! Or you can bring this workout indoors and stay cozy. This is a great full body workout for the upcoming days with all the Christmas festivities!!

1. Dips 30s
Hands under shoulders, feet can either be flat on the ground, or bring one up to make it more difficult. Slowly lower yourself down and then push yourself back up. 

 2. Push ups 30s
Hands under shoulders, neck nice and neutral, bring your body down slowly, and press straight up. To make it more difficult bring one leg up, keep the core very tight. 
3. Single leg squats
Find a seat that is the right height for you, slowly lower into one leg/hip and squeeze the glute to come back into a standing position. 

4. Step up to hop 30s per
Place one leg on step then step into it and drive the opposite leg up and hop.  
 5. Squat jumps 
Sink into your hips and press through your legs and jump up. 
6. Leg hold as long as possible 
Bring legs out in front straight and hold legs, core tight. 

7.Step overs 30s
Place one foot on bench, press into that leg and hop over, going back and forth

8. Jumping Jacks 30s