It's officially that time of year where your motivation goes out the window, it's grey out, it's cold, it's straight up miserable. As soon as this happens all you want to do is sleep in, wrap yourself in a cozy blanket and binge watch your favorite show on Netflix. With this usually comes some questionable (albeit delicious) food choices, this can lead to a pretty viscous cycle that leaves you feeling crappy. It's important to try to avoid falling into the pitfall of feeling unmotivated during the colder months especially here where the colder months are 8 months!

1. Plan it out. 
Write out your weekly schedule of when/where/how you are going to work out, it's written out and therefore more likely to happen.
2. Try something new. 
For me, bouldering is a winter activity, I missed it all summer but we did more outdoor activities so I am so excited to get back into it!
3. The buddy system. 
Someone waiting for you makes you way more likely to show up for it, besides it makes it a social outing and it's fun to catch up!
4. Get that Vitamin D. 
Since it's gloomy/dark out we get a lot less vitamin D through sunlight and this can have a huge impact on our mood and motivation. Supplementing with Vit D is a great way to ensure these levels don't dip below ideal and can help keep you from feeling the winter blues too. 
5. Eat lot's of fresh fruits and vegetables. 
It's more expensive but they're so good for you, helps keep you regular and get a lot of the vitamins and minerals you need everyday.