We were so lucky to get to hit up Canmore before it got super cold and while there were a bunch of hikes we still wanted to do this season we picked Burstall Pass because we read it was stunning in the fall. Which it most certainly was; and challenging especially with the early season snow in mid September. We were bringing Duke along for the hike so the 4-6 hour time on this hike was perfect, it took us 5 hours (almost 3 up) with a break for snacks and to snap some photos. 
Hiking for us is something we wish we could do every weekend, it's really such great exercise and pushes you to your limits. There were several steep inclines to reach to summit on this hike where both Darcy and I were winded. We're both in pretty great shape so it's great when we can be pushed to that point. It was so refreshing to be outside on such a crisp fall day, and the views truly were well worth it.
Now we can't wait till next year to see what other hikes we can try!