Hey guys, 
After looking over a post by eventbrite it's got me thinking on how I give back in my community and in the world in general. There is so much happening right now in the world it's hard not to pause and think about how one tiny human can make any sort of impact. 
One cause that is always at the forefront for me is the Heart and Stroke foundation. As someone who has had open heart surgery the work they do in funding research is so important. Without the advances they've made over the years who know's if myself and countless others would be here to tell our tale. Ironically enough my mom has been a part of fundraising for the Heart and Stroke foundation for decades, before I was even aware of my heart condition. I have tried to keep that up post-op every February by promoting Heart health month and raising donations for them. 

Another charity is the Humane society. Anyone who has even briefly met me knows how obsessed I am with my dog and just dogs in general. The work they do is amazing, and it took all the restraint (aka the sound of reasonable Darcy) to keep me from adopting all the displaced pups from the recent hurricanes. Seriously, if I had the space/money to keep them happy Duke would surely have like 5 brothers and sisters right now. But it's possible to help the displaced dogs and cats by donating!

Also just donating to the red cross who does amazing work to help with the disaster relief that's taking place right now. I swear every time I turn the news on my heart breaks a little bit more for all the suffering in the world. I know that sometimes you want to get out there and do something, but even a small donation goes a long way. 
I try in any way to give back when I can, sometimes it's small, leaving my bottles out for someone who could use the collection more, donating gently worn clothes to good will or bigger by campaigning for a charity I believe in. Whatever it is, big or small, it makes a difference. How do you chose to make a difference?