1. Cut/Give up Alcohol. Not only can alcohol make you bloated while drinking, you remain bloating and "puffy" looking afterwards. Alcohol does this by decreasing the amount of anti-diuretic hormone released, this hormone essentially tells your kidneys how much water to retain. Not only that, but alcoholic beverages have a high caloric content without any nutritional value.
2. Cut all white flours. I know, baked goods are delicious and so is pasta, but since white flour is so quickly turned into sugar it can quickly leave you feeling hungry again.In addition, many people have gut sensitivity to these white flour. If you make the switch to brown rice, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat flour this can help you feel full longer as well as reduce some symptoms of gut sensitivity.
3. Eat more raw fruit and veg. Some veggies lose their nutritional value once you heat them up, so it's important to get lots of raw veg in your diet. This form of roughage also helps move things along, digestively.
4. Keep a food diary, figure out what sets you off! I did this for a month and was surprised to learn that egg yolks are a no go for me, some kinds of hummus, caffeine in the afternoon and a few other things makes me really bloated and gives me some gut issues. Makes it pretty easy to feel better when you know exactly what to avoid.
5. Cut the refined sugars. I'm pretty sure this isn't a surprise to anyone.
6. Add some digestive enzymes and ginger tea into the mix. Kefir, and kambucha are also two things that help aid in digestion. I have been using a combination of these on a regular basis and they help keep my gut much calmer. No one want's a gassy personal trainer...

I spent 6 weeks with no alcohol, reducing my starches, and not eating refined sugar and honestly I felt so much better. I slept better, my clothes started to fit better, and while I don't weigh myself regularly Darcy even commented that certain areas seemed to have leaned out. Win-win, I suggest mapping out a 4-6 week period to try these changes and give it the full time to see how it goes.