1. Plank knee drive 30s per side
From high plank position extend leg out by squeezing glute and pull in towards chest, keep core tight. Repeat all on one side. 
2. Push ups 30s 
From high plank position, lower body towards bench slowly and extend back up to starting position, repeat. 
3.Squat to High Pull 60s
Start with feet shoulder distance apart, sink into glutes squeeze and come back to standing, pull kettle bell to be in line with shoulders close to the body. 
4. 1/2 Kneeling one arm press 
One knee down core tight, same side where the knee is up press up through that arm. Ensure back is not leaning, core tight. 30s both sides
*Please ignore my face, this was the best looking out of every take....
5. 1 arm 1/2 swing 30s both sides
Start with arm slightly behind being in line with the body, keep core contacted and swing it out to meet the other hand and come back to starting position. 
6. Plank Jacks 60s
In a plank position bring feet wide and then back together, as if performing a jump jack but face down. 
7. Split squat 30s per side
Hold in same arm as leg that is going back onto the bench. Ensure knee that you are bending into does not fall in, the angle of this photo makes it look like mine is. Your's should be in line with the foot and knee should not extend past the foot. Push up through the glute.