Part two of the calisthenics workout shows you some more challenging moves. I enlisted the help of my boyfriend, because a few of these moves I cannot do myself. These are something that takes a very long time to work up to. Do not attempt these if you are not proficient at the basic forms of these movement patterns (for example: push ups, clapping push ups, pull up, single leg squats, regular dips). This workout is for those individuals who excel at the body weight exercises. 

1. 1 arm push ups. 
Start with incline 1 arm push ups and work your way to the floor over time. Eventually you will be able to do decline 1 arm push ups such as photographed. Ensure the hand is under the shoulder in proper position or else this could hurt your shoulder. 
2. Dips on parallel bar
Start with feet in and as you gain more strength you can bring legs straight in front. Hands under shoulders slowly lowering bodyweight down and then pushing back up. 
3. Single leg squats
Ensure knee does not go over the toes in the leg you're bending on, also do not let it fall in or buckle. Go down as low as you can while maintaining good form, press back up. 
4. Single leg box jumps
Varying the height of the box as you gain strength, much like the single leg squat ensure the knee does not fall in nor does the knee extend over the toe upon landing. Should be solid in your landing, not wobbly. 
5. Dragonfly Leg lowers
Hold onto bench overhead with arms while laying supine. Bring legs, hips and low/midback off bench and lift into air until body is straight, very slowly lower back down. 
6. Advanced crow
Crow pose on the parallel bars is much trickier, still ensure knees lock onto triceps and hold pose. 
7. Clapping Pull ups
Normal pull ups are hard enough for most of us, adding a clap into the mix is very tough. You have to be fast, but ensure your form is still there, proper scapular retraction, a strong core etc. This one can be perfomed with a resistance band to help you get the rhythm and movement pattern down with less risk of injury. 
8. Handstands/Handstand push ups
Because a regular handstand isn't hard enough? Why not add a push up into the mix. Best to try handstands against a wall or with a spot in case something goes a wry.