Calisthenic training, or as it's more commonly known body weight training is a fantastic way to gain strength, move more efficiently and get a good sweat on. These exercises can range from a simple step up, push up to more complex movements like single leg box jump or a handstand push up. This workout will show more beginner to intermediate moves while the next will show more advanced moves.

1. Walk out to Push Up 10x
Stand feet hip distance apart, hinge forward walk hands out to a plank position and slowly lower down. Push back up to plank position and walk hands back to start position.
2. Plank Openers 10per

Start in a plank position, rotate one arm open to a semi side plank position and rotate back down. Keep hips level and open chest.
3. 1 arm row to open. 10per
Start with chest open extended, on your heels, pull with one arm keeping shoulder down and rotate back towards TRX.
4. Push ups to box/parallel bars 10x

Hands under shoulders, elevate one leg if you're more advanced and lower body slowly towards bard.
5. Crow Hold 30s
Hands on ground under shoulders, bring knees to rest on triceps and hold. If it is too difficult to hold feet off ground and balance, stay on toes.
6. Headstand 30s
From crow position bring legs up overhead to straight and hold