T spine mobility is an important part of any healthy back, this helps promote proper posture and ensure your arms and back can move into proper positions. When your mid back freezes up it can put you into a forward rounded position, and cause impingement and pain in your shoulders during certain exercises. This has been an issue with many of my clients along with myself, so even if you aren't working long hours in a seated position this may be an area for you to make improvements.

1. Foam rolling the Tspine.
Lay with your arms crossed over your chest, use the roller to mobilize the mid back, roll forward and backwards over it. Perform 2minutes

2. Side laying stretch
Bottom leg on the ground straight, top leg bent to 90 degrees, place bottom arm on top of that bent leg. Rotate and try to bring top scapula (shoulder) towards the ground and hold 30s, repeat on the other side 2x

3.T spine stretch
Arms elevated on block, should be in line with the head. Hold a dowel in the hands straight arm and then bend the elbows back behind the head to a comfortable position

4. Rotations
Start with hands under shoulders, knees under hips, keep the core tight. Bring a bend into one arm rotate towards opposite arm and then open chest up towards other side. Repeat 5-10x per side 2x

5. Quadriped
Same starting position, extend opposite arm, opposite leg, keep core tight no extension through the lumbar (low back), drive knee towards hand keep core tight.