Running is so good for your body but it can also be quite hard on it as well. It's important to stretch out some of the common areas that get tight on runners.
1. Foam roll: Quads, Calves, Hips, Hamstrings and IT band. Depending on what gets tightest on you, focus on the areas that hurt. I am demonstrating foam rolling along my calves because my calves get really really tight when I am running.
2. Stretch: I am demonstrating a banded hip flexor stretch, use an elastic band attached to a pole and press your hip against it by squeezing your glute forward and bringing your pelvis under. 30s hold each side
I am demonstrating a hamstring stretch here, flex the foot towards your face and try to reach forward towards the foot. Try to keep the knee as straight as possible, 30s hold each side
I am demonstrating a side glute stretch here, bring your knee bent and across your other leg. Rotate your body to that side, holding the knee for 30s

3. Exercise. This one helps relieve tension in the low back and hips. Drop your hips down low and bring your head up. Bring head down, and round the back. Go back and forth between these two motions for 10 reps.