Cardio is a really important component for everyone's health and should be included in some way in your exercise program. Not only does aerobic exercise help with keeping your heart and lungs healthy but is good for your mental health as well. Now cardio seems to be getting a bad rep these days especially when it comes to the community who are looking to get lean and toned. While lifting weights is important and can help you get that lean muscular look, cardio is still a great tool for those individuals looking to loose weight or control certain conditions.
 Surprisingly to some, exercise and having a good fitness regime isn't all about before and after photos. It has a lot to do with how you feel, and being able to run up and down multiple flight of stairs without being winded is a badass feeling. Sometimes spending a long period of time doing the same thing is boring as all hell so often, especially in the winter months, I like to do intervals of different cardio activities. 

1) 1k L-12-15 bike
2) Battle Ropes 30s 
3) 3 set of stairs
4) 500 m row 
Repeat 4-6x and you've done your heart a favour!