Leg day is my favorite workout day, I find it oddly satisfying for my legs to feel like jelly and when it hurts to sit down the next day. What can I say, I must be a masochist? I thought I'd share a go-to for leg day. Mixing strength and power moves in a superset is a great way to increase both areas. This method is often referred to as complex training. So you'll do one exercise followed immediately by a second

1. Wide squats with Dumbbell 8 reps
2. Single Leg hip thrusters with Kettle Bell 8 per leg
1-2 minute rest between each superset, repeat 5x
Ensure chest and head is up when squatting, ensure you use a heavy weight and focus on squeezing the glutes on the way up.
Keep neck neutral, drop hips down and squeeze glutes to come up.

1. Split Squats 2 kettlebells 8 reps per side
2. Reverse lunge to knee up 8 reps per side
1-2 minute rest between each superset, repeat 5x
Rear foot elevated on bench, bend into both legs ensure the front knee is in line with the ankle and not forward from it.
Step back bend into both legs push off the front one and jump up

1. Walking lunges 2 dumbbells 8 reps per side
2. Sled push 40m
1-2 minute rest between each superset, repeat 5x
 Bend into both legs and push through the front leg, step forwards and switch legs.
Keep head and chest up, push into legs and go as fast as you can