Hip Stability is incredibly important for many different aspects of movement such as: balance, strength in performing weight bearing exercises, single leg exercises and helps maintain proper posture. 

Start with releasing the glute med, and piriformis with a foam roller or ball

Banded Exercises: 
1. Banded glute bridges: Band above knee, squeee glutes up and down slowly. 10x 3 sets
2. Banded clam shells: Knees at 90 degree angle, feet together and raise knee up and open. 10per 3 sets
3. Banded side steps: Knees slightly bent, step out to the side and together 10per 3sets

Stability Exercises:
1. Single Leg Hop: Have something marking where you are hopping to, put all the weight on one leg and hop back and forth to it. Keep hips level as you do this, knee should be in line with foot. 1Oper 3 sets
2. Skaters: Unweighted or with a VIPR. Hop to one side bring VIPR to opposite side and then switch sides. 10per 3 sets
3. Side plank: Unweighted or weighted.On forearm, lift hips into the air and keep core tight. You can have leg along the ground bent or straight in front like this one. 20s per 3 sets
4. Lateral Step ups: Step up push through the heel and squeeze your glute as you go up.. Ensure the hips remain level, if you sway too much box might be too high. 10per 3 sets