We talked about how to identify this poor posture and what things to do to relax these muscles, now here are some exercises you can add into any workout. This exercises are focused on strengthening muscles that are underactive in the poor postures. These exercises should be performed after the foam rolling and stretches provided

Strengthening exercise. 
A. Standing Upward rotation. Light weight, 12x 3 sets. Stand with arms bent elbows in line with shoulders, rotate hands from below elbow to above
B. standing fly, light weight 12 reps and 3 sets. Pinch shoulders together in the back when you bring shoulders out to side. 

C. TRX row, bodyweight, 12x 3 sets. Start with hands facing each other holding TRX, extend elbows keep bum and core tight so you`re as straight as in a plank. Pull back up towards TRX keeping elbows in close to body 
D. Seated or standing row from high to low. Posititon the cable so it`s up higher, I used a bosu as a seat to work on core stabilization as well. Grab handles, ensure shoulders are down and pull back with shoulder squeezed. 
E. Laying Super man. 12x 3 sets.
Not pictured, but lay face down with arms bent beside head (W formation) keep front of legs on the mat, bring chest and head up using mid back. Should not feel it in low back or upper back.