I am OBSESSED with my spiralizer I got for my birthday (big shout out to darcy's sister & her husband). I can't stop, won't stop making oodles of zoodles. Literally first thing I did last week after getting it was buy and specialize 6 zuccini's. You can also get a hand held version that's cheaper but this version is really fun to work with. So I'm basically taking all my pasta recipes and turning them into zoodle recipes, they're a great option if you're going low carb. 

2 hot italian sausages
10 small tomatoes (I used orange but you can use red or yellow)
6 medium sized zuccini's spiralized into zoodles
4 gloves garlic
1 small package mushrooms
1 package fresh basil 
2 tbsp chili pepper flakes

1. Chop up garlic into small pieces, heat up oil in pan and saute garlic
2. Once it's fragrant keep heat on medium and add in hot Italian sausages chopped into small chunks. Once that's cooked through add in mushrooms, basil. Smash the tomatoes up and add them in so becomes a little thicker
3. Add Zoodles to this and toss it with the mixture, cook for about 3-5 minutes to ensure zoodles are cooked through. 
4. Garnish with chili flakes and more fresh basil