I don't know if anyone noticed, but I eat shrimp a lot. Well, that's only partially true, I eat a boatload of chicken, as most fitness aficionados do since it packs a good punch of protein while being lower in  fat. However, there comes the time every week where I'm so over chicken. Like, if I see another chicken breast no matter how its disguised (sauce, baked, broiled, bbq's whatever) I will snap. So that's when I make shrimp! And it is always a fun and nice break from CFC (chicken fucking chicken, as one of my clients so cleverly says)

1 bag fresh pea pods
1 contained baby tomatoes
1 jar basil pesto 
1 tbsp olive oil
1 lb shrimp (I used pre coooked/peeled)
1 container whole wheat pasta

1. Heat up oil in pan, don't need much as there is some in the pesto as well. Add chopped up peas, tomatoes and 4 tbsp of pesto to the pan. Have water boiling for pasta while doing this
2. Add in shrimp, let this all simmer together until pea pods are still a little crunchy 
3. Mix all together, add some fresh basil or Parmesan to top this off.