When the weather finally smartens up around these parts I can't help but want to spend most of my time out doors, it gets so cold here in the wintertime so it's nice to be able to explore. That means the way I train & get my workouts in can change too, and there's nothing better than being able to workout outside! There's so many great body weight exercises, here's a few you can do to make into a circuit and do anywhere :)

1. Tuck Jumps 45s on/ 15s off
Stand feet shoulder distance and jump up knees tuck in to touch hands, keep core tight and torso upright. If this is too challenging, bring 1 leg up at a time to meet hands. 

2. Superman Push ups 45s/15s off
One arm directly under shoulder like a normal push up position, other one down lower to in line with pec. Lower body down (from knees or from toes like pictured) keep head up and core tight. Switch from side to side for the duration.

3. Plank Rotations 45s/15s off
Start in a plank position, take 1 arm and rotate it open to a semi side plank position. Keep the core tight and shoulders down, ensure hips are level and glutes are squeezed. Switch from side to side. Can also be performed from knees, just ensure the core is tight and hips stay level

4. Walking Lunges 45s/15s off
Torso upright, step out bend both knees and push through the heel of the front leg to come back to standing position, change legs as you go. 

5. Walk outs 45s/15s off
Start from standing, bring hands to ground out in front of you, walk hands out until in a plank position and then walk them  back to standing position again. You should try to keep your legs as straight as possible, and don't let your hips drop. 

Run 45s after this, repeat circuit 4-5x 

Finish off with stretches