Outdoor Tabata
Perform each of these exercises for 40s on 20s rest 6-8 sets. With the exercises doing 1 leg at a time, perform 40s each leg
This is meant to get the heart rate going!

1. Step ups

With bench you can perform a step up, want to ensure engaging glutes by fully extending leg when you step up and squeeze the bum. You can alternate, or do all repetitions on one side then switch. To make this one more challenging you can increase the tempo or add a hop in at the top (so step up & hop) 

 2. Single Leg split squat 

 3. Bench dips
Great for the triceps! Place arms just wider than hip width, lower body down with legs straight (can bend them if this position is too difficult) come down low and then extend elbows to straighten arms. Both feet on the ground or if you want to challenge yourself lift one leg up. 

 4. Push ups
Can be done with a decline to make it harder or an incline to make it easier (second photo). Ensure core & bum are tight, lower chest to ground and then push straight up. Do not let lower back sag or strain neck by bringing it down first. Whole body should move as one!

 5. Knee drives
Again can be done from incline or decline depending on fitness level. Come to a plank position so core and glutes are both tight. Kick back one leg and twist it over to opposite elbow, ensuring pelvis remains stable (meaning: hips don't hike up or drop down).