Ah here it is, the age ol' battle of strength training versus cardio. You see it all over the gram, people are very very passionate for one or the other. There are so many people telling us that you don't need to do cardio to look a certain way....problematic? Yes. First and foremost the traditional reason women specifically have leaned into doing more cardio (yes that's a pun, you're welcome) is because we've been told it makes us thin. Now, we're told to do strength training to get lean (there it is), no you won't get bulky, yes you'll get an ass and abs!
Here's the problem, the motivation behind both of those things: Looking a certain way. Society telling us we need to look a certain way or else we will not be deemed attractive. Faccck. Right. Off. 
Okay here it is: If you do strength training you will get stronger, if you pursue endurance training you will gain more endurance. So based on your goals you might want to do more strength training or more endurance based training.

Strength Training Benefits: 

Increase your Muscle Mass; and maintain what muscle mass you have, as it tends to decrease as we age.
Be able to lift heavier things
Sports specific strength training will help you improve in your area; all professional athletes spend time doing strength training, usually in their off season
Improve Bone Density, which also decreases as we age, so this type of exercise benefits us as we age
Releases Endorphins, serotonin, dopamine! Yay
Increases confidence 

Endurance Training Benefits:

Increases your endurance...durr. Allows you to perform for longer
Is good for your heart, it helps lower your resting heart rate (so your heart isn't working as hard) helps control blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. 
Releases endorphins, can help treat depression and anxiety
Increases confidence
Sports specific training (Marathon, boxing etc)

So taking how we look completely out of the equation, it looks like both forms of exercise have many benefits. Depends on what your specific goals are for exercise one might be much more important than the other. However, it is ideal for longevity (living a long healthy life) both are very important, a bit of column A and a bit of column B is the right mix to be healthy overall. Runners, lifters, etc we can live in peace and stop this me against you narrative that seems to be too popular right now.